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Prof.A Jeffrey Keelan, deputy director of the women and infants research foundation at the University of Western Australia even referred to the study as "interesting and well-performed."A However, he said the studyA doesn't hold sufficientA data to explain the link.
Both Mr Johnson and Mr Hunt are firmly against any break-up of the UK, while Mr Johnson has argued that a well-performed Brexit could "cement and intensify" the union.
This 2017 off-Broadway jukebox musical elicits plenty of purring appreciation from its audience, clearly enjoying the familiar plotlines and well-performed pulsating pop tunes in this unabashed 1990s nostalgia trip.
The athlete with excellent balance and foundation, the most polished, well-performed execution, takes top place," she explains.
We were taught that we should strive to be independent and self-supporting, that all honest work was worth doing well and that work well-performed was a source of self-esteem, not just of income.
The film has to be professionally and technically well made with hardly any flaws to capture and a well-performed film.
According to reliable sources, the idea behind videographing the event is to repeat well-performed cultural activities in future as well.
Ludde Ingvall's radically remodified CQS, which came seventh over the line in last year's Rolex Sydney Hobart, will match-up against the exceptionally well-performed Rambler 88.
The announcement of the results helps listed companies to understand their strengths and positions within the industry, provides enterprise information with reference value to the government, banks, financial institutions and customers, and enhances public awareness of well-performed listed companies.
If you like the sound of well-orchestrated, well-performed winds, listen to this recording for this moment alone!
SUSTAIN-6 is a carefully planned, well-performed, and objectively reported trial that showed a meaningful reduction in the cardiovascular endpoint of first occurrence of cardiovascular death, nonfatal Ml, or stroke of 26%.
Of course, it's possible that it was all just a wonderfully well-performed act, pulled off by a pair of superior dancers, gymnasts and aerialists-who were very convincing actors, to boot!