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Malik, Allah be well-pleased with him, the last of the Companions then living (he died in Basra in 93/712 aged 103), and complained about the oppression they were suffering at the hand of the Umayyad governor al-Hajjaj (d.
As one well-pleased show-goer said: "This is the biggest and best round here in this region - and so family-friendly.
But if he does it next week and the week after we will be well-pleased.
So Bothroyd must have felt well-pleased when, with the game evenly poised at 2-2, his side was awarded a penalty - only for Tommy Smith to lift the ball horribly over the crossbar.
Victor Greenberg, meanwhile, is a man well-pleased with progress so far (and not just his own piano-playing lessons begun in retirement, or catching a seven-pound salmon in the River Tay last week).
The city has been well-pleased with how accommodating Chesapeake has been during our negotiations and we look forward to future opportunities that will be financially beneficial for both parties," LaForce said in a news release.
But he can be well-pleased with his showing against the Czechs.
Delic had been seeded sixth for the qualifying event and UK No 3 Bogdanovic was well-pleased with his day's work.
I was well-pleased with my main choice, a pie full of succulent pieces of fish and served with an impressive and beautifully cooked selection of vegetables - courgette, baby sweetcorn, carrot, potatoes and mangetout - but Angela discovered that a dish that she had been led to believe was cheese-free in fact came with it in abundance.
By the 1940s, great progress had been made in the field of school lunches, and we were well-pleased.
GARY MEGSON declared himself well-pleased with his midweek efforts to give struggling Forest more defensive backbone.
I am one well-pleased World War II veteran and am glad to have so many friends and practitioners.