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Consider the 2012 London Olympic Games, where free public trans- port alongside well-posted signage made getting to the games easy and enjoyable.
Or there must be a well-posted helpdesk/assistance with a staff who speaks English fluently.
"Eugene is said by well-posted persons to be one of the best advertised of all the smaller cities in the Northwest," the story began.
I also offer spare eye and ear protection to anyone who's not wearing them, rather than just telling them they can't shoot, as noted by the well-posted rules to this effect.
There are no stiles or steps, just gates, road crossing points and a well-posted route.
The signs are well-posted and the writin's on the wall
During antlerless season I watched from my kitchen window as a dozen hunters, regardless of well-posted safety zone signs, blazed away at does bedded down in mountain laurel.