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It reveals that 52 per cent of secretaries are at least as well-qualified as their bosses.
the Service should accept the average insolvency valuation of two well-qualified valuation experts as a fair determination of the extent of the taxpayer's insolvency.
Great lease deals with BMW's Pull Ahead Program mean well-qualified customers can receive up to six monthly payments waived on models such as the 2014 320i Sedan or 2014 328d Sedan.
Washington also needs to recognize that cutting provider reimbursement rates deprives long-term care clients of the services of well-qualified staff.
Hiring a well-qualified chief information officer to improve the IRS's technical capability.
Our relationship with The Sunshine Group allows us to access a tremendous database of market data and well-qualified tenants.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco is seeking well-qualified candidates to recommend to the Federal Housing Finance Board for appointment to the Bank's Board of Directors.
President Bush has chosen an exceptionally well-qualified and impartial nominee for the Supreme Court.
A fluent Spanish speaker with teaching credentials in history, Spanish and social studies, Tokofsky said he is well-qualified to represent the predominantly Latino 5th District.
Beceem is a leading chipset vendor in mobile WiMAX, and is in a first-mover market position with shipping well-qualified chipsets and reference designs for this rapidly growing industry.
WASHINGTON -- WASHINGTON, May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Priscilla Owen is an extraordinarily well-qualified nominee to the U.
There are some stars, some extremely well-qualified candidates,'' Roberts said.