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We're well-read yet brassy working-class women who've punched their way up from a council house in Wolverhampton to a TV series.
Though his knowledge of flora, fauna, and things that buzz and fly is quite impressive, Jensen broadens The Garden Interior through recollections of a traveled and well-read life.
Through their astute, timely and creative articles and design, our legal news magazine for Lee County Bar Association has grown from a little in-house black-and-white publication into a sophisticated, educational, and well-read full color tome.
Jellybean's imagination transforms the tower they build together into Rapunzel's tower, and it's soon clear why her favourite place, when the class go 'exploring' is the reading corner: her imagination in all the day's activities uses well-known stories, and other well-read children will be able to spot familiar characters and situations.
The 35-year-old beauty insisted that she writes columns for magazines and newspapers and addresses people at various social initiatives, holds charity dinners and all of this challenges her intellect at various levels, so it becomes very important to be informed, educated, and well-read.
Now I know this probably doesn't warrant inches in your well-read paper but wait, let me revise my statement.
11Tricks of the trade Create the illusion of being well-read with some clever bookshelf wallpaper.
BOOKING AHEAD Elizabeth Olsen falls for a well-read man
MERTHYR Tydfil has been named in a list of the top 10 "most well-read towns and cities in Wales.
SOME BLOGGERS ARE aggregators, those well-read and tuned-in Internet trawlers who deliver the dozen or so links that point investors to the top stories and blog posts of the day and the data that will help them anticipate the future.
PEOPLE in Sandwell are a well-read bunch with the number of reading groups now meeting at local libraries on the increase.