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"We are well-read yet brassy workingclass women who've punched their way up from a council house in Wolverhampton to a TV series - currently the only TV series in Britain by and about working-class woman, which is pretty damn poor when you think about - so we're not just going to sit on an ice floe and wait to die, like old Eskimos.
It's no secret that Ahlam wants to become an Islamic preacher when her music career comes to an end, meaning that she is a devout Muslim and is well-read on her religion.
Jensen broadens The Garden Interior through recollections of a traveled and well-read life.
Teen horror fans who will gobble up anything dark will find this piece enjoyable enough, but the well-read horror fan might find the plot--and the horror--all a bit forced.--Jennifer Miskec.
60 per cent of those surveyed said being well-read made a person appear more attractive.
All are intelligent (or at least well-read) people who spend significant amounts of time reading up on current events.
Nineteenth-century Spanish realist novelist Benito P<Ee>rez Gald<Eo>s was well-read in medicine as well as literature.
I'm pretty smart, I'm well-read, I can spell really well.
As we continue to evolve our well-read magazine, we are pleased to share with you the exciting changes we have instituted starting with this issue, some of which showcase the synergies between Variety and our sister publication, WWD.
He's well-read and well-informed on the issues that face us, qualities that will serve Dave well in actually getting work done.
"Through their astute, timely and creative articles and design, our legal news magazine for Lee County Bar Association has grown from a little in-house black-and-white publication into a sophisticated, educational, and well-read full color tome."
The sarcastic and well-read feline Roger tells stories of his nine lives, which began in 1932, to a man called Wiggy.