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'It is the first car of this design and specification from the Proton Stable and I'm confident that it will be well-received by Malaysians.
It has started offering a real estate investment product via Toss since last June, and introduced fund products for small investors in November Both products were also well-received by investors.
Recent years have seen South African funds increasingly look to Egypt and, following last year's well-received IMF agreement with Egypt, this exclusive access event will seek to facilitate even further intra-African investment.
We are delighted that this initiative was so well-received by the community, and we will continue to undertake similar initiatives in the future."
With half the songs being lifted from Other People's Heartache and the other half being comprised of some of Bastille's most enchanting and well-received unreleased tracks, this album is bursting with unique covers and love songs - all tied together by their distinctive sound.
FRINGE First winner Inua Ellams returns to the Unity theatre this week after his well-received Black T-Shirt Collection in 2012.
Outgoing President McAleese was well-received at her last award ceremony at Dublin Castle before she leaves the Aras.
The first coffee shop was opened in Al Barsha Registration Centre in Dubai, and it has been well-received by customers and staff," said the authority in a statement.
For the first time the 24 hours race is being run in an anti-clockwise direction at the Kartdrome, a factor which has levelled the playing field and has been well-received by teams and drivers.
Acer is set to launch a new Android handset to follow on from its well-received Acer Liquid - the Acer Stream.
Summary: Washington, July 14, 2010, SPA -- Stocks surged Tuesday as investors welcomed AlcoaEoe1/4aos better-than-expected profit report and a well-received auction of Greek debt that lifted global markets and strengthened the euro currency.
In 2008 he presented a well-received session on Form 990.