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BEIRUT: Police arrested four men Friday for impersonating well-regarded religious figures to approach citizens for money.
20 Naas Well-regarded gelding beat useful rivals at Leopardstown when thought likely to need the run, and can improve over this longer trip.
Four well-regarded women fantasy writers--Delacroix, Kurland, McKillip, Shinn--have written lengthy short stories about romantic fantasy for this anthology.
Anyone can receive free daily email updates during the conference from the well-regarded Kaiser Family Foundation; to sign up, visit http://www.
Nasdaq:FFIV), a provider of Application Traffic Management products, today announced that its FirePass Controller has been tested and certified, earning ICSA Labs' well-regarded validation by the industry's only independent certification testing program for SSL VPN systems.
As the city of Miami prepared to host the November meetings for the Free Trade Area of the Americas, nearby University of Miami mysteriously laid off the 12-person staff of its well-regarded Latin American think tank, the North-South Center.
Formerly a fast-talking 'Bama boy with cornbread crumbs flaking endearingly from the corners of his mouth, Ev Carson had risen to become a sharply dressed, well-regarded power player in media boardrooms and bedrooms alike.
In "Good leads to follow", another five people--all of them, including one woman, well-regarded as accomplished liturgical presiders--detail the quality ingredients that go into a good liturgy.
A As a first step, "research a referral service of a well-regarded hospital, check with a medical society, and search a variety of sites on the Internet," says Dr.
That the Bordeaux company is led by a well-regarded triumvirate from the Paris Opera Ballet--director Charles Jude, balletmaster Francis Malouik and administrator Anna Faussurier--has had little impact on the quality of the productions on this tour.
Camp is usually a significant and well-regarded part of the community, and an association with the camp adds interest and luster to the life of a retiree.
Officer Tippit, a well-regarded patrolman, had stopped Oswald when he observed that the suspicious young man fit the description of the suspected assassin of President John F.