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With, or without, a well-regulated militia, using the language of the framers to justify individual ownership of weapons that fire not one, but hundreds of rounds per minute is a leap too far.
People are entitled to enjoy a legal, well-regulated sport.
The cat tries to be tolerant but a sunny-natured, enthusiastic dog does not fit easily into the cat's well-regulated home.
The blood flow to the inner ear needs to be very well-regulated and higher fish consumption may help maintain adequate cochlear blood flow, this could help protect against hearing damage.
Indeed Bahrain's banking and insurance sectors remain sound, well-capitalised, well-regulated and continue to develop and grow with confidence.
Entry into the well-regulated banking sector is possible through a non-banking financial institution (leasing, mortgage, capital markets etc)
A transparent and well-regulated capital market structure facilitates investors to make a sound investment decision.
The GIFT programme allows fully licensed and compliant growers and dispensaries in well-regulated cannabis markets to spread the cost of infrastructure builds over time.
A lot of states are trying to strike a balance between the economic potential of oil and gas development and making sure the industry is well-regulated.
In his meetings, Assistant Secretary Glaser underscored the importance of Lebanon and the United States continuing to work together to advance our common goals of a transparent and well-regulated Lebanese financial sector that can withstand the dangers posed from illicit finance.
Andre's style is gentle and accessible; he is a good role model of someone who keeps his feelings and moods well-regulated.
Further, the banking system continues to remain sound, profitable and well-regulated, with recent emphasis on commercial bank lending to small and medium enterprises (SEMs), which has the potential for aiding in the diversification of the economy.