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PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) said "sustainable and well-regulated growth" in the financial sector had the potential to create 265,500 jobs and contribute an exta PS50bn to the economy by 2020, helping push GDP 2-3% higher.
Further, the banking system continues to remain sound, profitable and well-regulated, with recent emphasis on commercial bank lending to small and medium enterprises (SEMs), which has the potential for aiding in the diversification of the economy.
She said the "establishment of a well-regulated international trade" could help to curb rhino poaching.
Exactly what that phrase means has never been clear to me but just for comparison, something I've always considered well-regulated are motor vehicles - apples and oranges, perhaps, but both have good and bad points, both can be useful and deadly and both are very popular.
The Pazflor project management team applied rigorous and well-regulated standards to project reporting.
An example is child-minding, which moved from being a back-street, unregulated activity to the well-regulated and safe environment we have now.
22) Yet the most damaging myth that Caplan pawned to the public was his mischaracterization of the Founders' well-regulated militia.
Baothman pointed out that the joint venture aims to acquire a diverse real estate portfolio in the UK, offering investors access to one of the world's most transparent and well-regulated markets.
Fernandez -Alves believes the solution to the problem is obvious--develop a legal, well-regulated human organ market.
What is of concern is when South Africa has a well-regulated banking system.
Phortner's patented technology provides for secure money transfer and wagering audit data as required by a well-regulated industry.
ABB chief executive Dirk Vennix, who secured an assurance from Harman at the BiSL conference that she would meet the bookmakers, said: "There is no evidence to support this unwarranted attack on a responsible and well-regulated leisure industry.