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Pupils left pleased with their efforts and well-satisfied Peter Holmes
Founded December 1998 Visionline has success story of well-satisfied clients more than a decade-long.
The three points from a fine 3-1 win clinched the Brazilian s qualification and ensured they keep up their record of never missing out, leaving Dunga well-satisfied.Eoe1/4A[yen] Argentina have great players such as Lionel Messi, who could be elected world player of the year.
In all likelihood, they will have a list of well-satisfied clients and can provide references.
Those who lived before us are well-satisfied with that scheme of things.
Trott (179 balls, seven fours), in particular, could feel well-satisfied with his patient innings.
In fact, a global map of average life satisfaction levels by country based on the Gallup World Poll data looks much the same as an income map of the world: the inhabitants of North America, Western Europe, Japan, Australasia, and Saudi Arabia are rich and well-satisfied with their lives, with average national life satisfaction scores in the range of 7.5- 8.5.
This pride in achievement has been expressed in great detail already by well-satisfied bosses at Cleveland Potash.
And overall, Scott declares himself well-satisfied with the results.
No more broken blades on the hay machine for a start,' Uncle Jim answered in Welsh, and looked well-satisfied.
Well-satisfied customers will buy more, and this is what bankers are after also.
A year later, the well-satisfied, four-member family had an entertainment area replete with a 15-by-20-foot spa retreat, which turned into an eye-popping waterfeature.