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"The Well-Spoken Woman Speaks Out" takes Jahnke's direct experience working with women like Michelle Obama and the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, and pairs it with the recent surge of women nationwide who are speaking up to drive social and political change.
Being well-spoken is an asset; it shows good breeding and the love of Queen's English.
It is claimed well-spoken Southerner Mary Joyce was a close friend of Freeman's wife and the pair grew closer after her divorce three years ago.
The 13-year-old, described by Mr Jones as "well-spoken and polite", was given a three-month referral order and his parents were ordered to pay the victim pounds 100.
I think she's smart, tough, and well-spoken, and she chose a Canadian song for her campaign song.
They were always well-dressed, well-spoken. I was quite fond of them both."
They remember her as a chatty smiling child who grew into a well-spoken, polite teenager.
While Le Pen often comes off looking buffoonish, demagogic, and racist, de Villiers is intelligent, charismatic, polished, dignified, and well-spoken.
No one would dispute that Brian Vogt, the Secretary of Economic Development, is an attractive, affable and well-spoken person.
Put a camera in front of her and she morphs from a poised, well-spoken 19-year-old girl into just about any character.
His skillful reading gives each character a distinctive personality, whether cockney seaman, well-spoken naval officer, bombastic rear admiral or female love interest.