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While the present study focused specifically on how well-stocked classroom library caches affected kindergartners' early reading conceptualizations, further analysis is required to examine how these books affected students' first and second language development.
The new home to one of the most comprehensive collections of Himalayan art in the world will offer a wide array of exhibitions, cultural programs, and educational events, as well as a comfortable cafe and a well-stocked book and gift store.
Even better, our shared coffee cupboard stands side by side with an equally ecumenical, and particularly well-stocked, cookie and snack cupboard.
But aid workers found well-stocked markets and a hospital which contained no war injured, said the charity Cafod.
The glossary helps you locate all the ingredients in a well-stocked store.
Not only are their stores well-stocked with premium quality fresh fruit and vegetables (much of it locally grown), the store layout is well thought out and the delicatessens and fresh fish counters are unsurpassable.
We have the best-trained people in our industry," Nicholetts says, "and our people have at their disposal state-of-the-art technology, well-stocked service centre supported by world-class manufacturers of bearings and transmission equipment.
Every well-stocked porno shop has two types of sex dolls for sale: the classic blowup doll and the imitation vagina, which (in terms of form) is, at best, abstract-looking.
Katherine Ludwig Moses, the mother of one-year-old Max, is excited by well-stocked health food stores and preparing simple vegan dishes.
Seismologists hunting for faults in Los Angeles have always seemed like fishers surveying a well-stocked lake: Both groups know that their quarry hides beneath the surface in large numbers, but neither can say exactly where the prey lurks.
Free delivery and a well-stocked inventory of safety and first-aid products helped James Davis build Davis Safety Supply Inc.
Given its national penchant for haute couture and haute cuisine, France will be able to lag the world's post-communist renaissance in relative style and comfort, drawing down its store of capital - and well-stocked wine cellar - for decades into the 21st century.