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Topping off the well-timed execution, terms were settled at a competitive 3.
After favourable predictions for Switzerland to join the European Economic Area, a young parliamentarian makes a name for himself through a series of well-timed speeches ending with the decisive 'no' vote.
Female ring-tailed lemurs may get "masculinized" by well-timed little rises in prenatal hormones, says Christine Drea.
Jockey Paul Moloney delivered Piran with a well-timed run last time but having hit the front he had to be kept up to his work to hold on over the three-mile trip.
5 backers soon knew their fate, as a calm Timmy Murphy brought Don't Be Shy with a well-timed run.
The right amount of friendliness or a well-timed compliment can go a long way to help you escape from the dregs of coach.
FRANK PARKER SWIFTS MANAGER TIM PARKER PAUL WINN (ST NICOLAS) EXCELLENT all-round ability, setting up chances for his strikers one minute then winning possession with his well-timed challenges the next.
The family who owned the place started as lawyers in the 1600s but (assisted by well-timed bribes to the monarchy and judiciously organised marriages) successive heirs climbed implacably through the social hierarchy and increasing riches to become Dukes of Buckingham in 1822.
Keith Mercer produced Ferdy Murphy's 20-1 shot with a well-timed run - and then fought out an epic battle with Ruby Walsh on Cornish Rebel (9-2) to land the prize by a short head.
There are also alibi clubs--networks of strangers who are available by text message and help each other skip work or get out of dates by making well-timed phone calls on each other's behalf.
Neville Callaghan's filly was brought with what looked like a well-timed run by Kieren Fallon but she was badly hampered by a rival and the champion jockey was forced to snatch his mount up, losing valuable ground at a crucial stage.