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Al Muhairi added that well-trained teams of paramedics and medically fully equipped ambulances have been deployed at all the Dubai airports to offer services to pilgrims and Muslims travelling for Umrah.
The amount of resources expended on maintaining a well-trained Safety staff is usually much less but it informs every term in the safety margin equation above.
BEIRUT: A third member of a "professional and well-trained network" was arrested on suspicion of spying for Israel, media reports said Thursday.
A security source told As Safir that "investigation could take a long time" because this is a "professional and well-trained network.
Through her well-trained eyes and thought-provoking descriptions, Couturier reminds us that looking for the details in unsuspected landscapes can reveal reasons to revere life.
Despite the recapture of Boots, both tigers and Julius are sentenced to the arena where only well-trained gladiators survive.
Do well-trained property managers add value to a portfolio?
An absolute must-have for every dog owner-even those with well-trained dogs will want to consult The Super Simple Guide To Housetraining when various stressors (moving, getting a new kitten, etc.
The child and his family are grateful for the actions of this quick-thinking and well-trained officer.
The most recent guidelines from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision--so-called Basel II--up the ante for well-trained, knowledgeable and experienced supervisors by calling for "supervisory review.
They themselves employ qualified tax attorneys and accountants and, in return, they require experienced, well-trained agents to understand the complexities and to audit those returns.
Researchers in France took nine triathletes to the tropics to examine the acclimatization process, and found after 14 days these well-trained athletes still showed climate-induced impairment of physiological responses and performance.