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Although many Munros have well-trodden routes to the top, navigational skills are required as the weather can be changeable at higher altitude.
But Thomas Davidson is in the tangerine corner for QUOTE OF THE DAY I understand why fans get upset but this is a well-trodden path that has been a success for so many players.
In Bethlehem, two donation boxes were placed in the well-trodden Manger Square and Cinema thoroughfare.
Enjoy a different perspective on the area by venturing away from the well-trodden tourist trail.
HARTLEPOOL boss Colin Cooper has gone down the well-trodden manager's path of signing players and appointing staff he knows as he looks to revive fortunes at Victoria Park.
Google knows this, and is no doubt investing in next-generation versions of the device that will tackle the well-trodden shortcomings pointed out by Garfinkel.
So while this programme ventures on well-trodden ground we do learn some new things, including that whoever decided to schedule the programme now needs a stern talking to.
Though much of this is well-trodden ground--particularly discussion of the post-9/11 pivot away from peacekeeping--early sections ably link (and debunk) the underpinnings of foundational myths to their contemporary deployments: the Harper government's revamped citizenship guide, recent Canadian finger-wagging at the UN.
Hopefully we will see additional units built here in the UK too, by which time we will be able to follow in well-trodden footsteps, taking advantage of a wealth of experience and lessons learned.
It's a path that's been well-trodden for the past decade by ex-Bluecoat pupil Mitch Benn, and, if this hilarious show is anything to go by, a TV slot to go with his Radio 4 show is surely there for the taking.
The route was well-trodden, although since World War II the only Flat jockey to make a successful transition was Harry Wragg.