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I think he is well-versed with the entire system while the others were not.
'Many of us, including myself, are not well-versed on how a shift to federalism can be smoothly done.
The challenge for the UAE is to attract the right and best type of talent that is well-versed in artificial intelligence.
His friends and colleagues remember him as well-versed on many topics and always curious to learn more.
The speakers were all well-versed in a wide range of topics and drew crowds of people--quite often it was standing room only!
What's more, only 6% of boards feel as though they are well-versed in social media risk, and 67% of organizations are not engaging external consultants to monitor social media.
With more than 30 years of experience in the areas of real estate and trusts and estates law, Stem is well-versed in representing for-profit and not-for-profit entities and individuals, and has significant expertise in the areas of leasing, acquisition, lending and estate planning.
They use Islamic terminologies to lure youngsters and those people who are not well-versed with injunctions of Islam.
While he was there, Cook had a secret weapon too - because his partner, well-versed in urdu thanks to his own Pakistani descent, was able to relay the hosts' plans against the England captain.
Russia's president, an avid hunter well-versed in anticipating the right time to strike.
And one of the consequences for Brian of having spent more than four decades as an entertainer (since the age of 12), is that he's become extremely well-versed in all things television.
The first of its type in the GCC, the four-day workshop is taking place in Manama with participation of several experts from GCC countries who are well-versed on Bahrain's governmental sector .