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Turns out that both men and women pretty much live up to well-worn stereotypes.
Home refinancings have been a well-worn option for consumers to leverage spending money--but are dependent on a healthy housing market.
Juvert takes well-worn conventions--Gypsies and pirates and witches, oh my
The court vacated the Division's decision and cancelled the deficiency notice, based primarily on the well-worn doctrine of estoppel.
But when students arrive at a job interview clad in everything from well-worn tennis shoes to prom dresses, it has become more than a casual concern for employers.
Ingenious in both concept and execution, it gives new meaning to that well-worn estate agent soubriquet 'compact but bijou'.
While the theme of biblical interpretation has been treated extensively for decades of biblical scholarship, this volume is not simply a rehash of well-worn views.
Silbey's explanation for British war enthusiasm follows a well-worn course.
With a well-worn copy of the 1953 classic Wild America in hand, Weidensaul retraces the route taken by its famed authors, naturalist Roger Tory Peterson and James Fisher.
CORRECTION: The liberal media here fall back into their well-worn bag of tricks: Jesse Helms, for example, is labeled as an "archconservative" (though corresponding tags are rarely applied to left-wing extremists).
He always had a well-worn book in hand and usually walked up and down the church's main aisle as he read to us and offered his own extensive commentary on many things.
He laments that the present Southern Baptist leadership refuses to take racial healing further by defending left-wing political causes that often tout the well-worn cliches of victimization.