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Political analysts said the bishop's statements that went against the Congress party, played a key role in the defeat of Congress candidate Kuriakose in the Lok Sabha poll.
I felt that a couple of key decisions went against us today.
We got back into the game and played really well at times but the big decisions went against us.
This would explain not only the lower frequency of prosocial behavior if said behavior went against the group, but also the lower levels of pride generated as a result since, as stated above, in pride the opinion and assessment of the audience (be it real or imaginary) is essential.
Mr Bradford said the Bill went against everything the party stood for and had campaigned for.
Who is the one who went against the state institutions?
On the other hand it went against Maxwell who generally gets stronger as the fight goes on.
MORE than 10% of shareholder votes went against HSBC's pay report at its annual meeting yesterday after the banking giant's boss took home pounds 7.
But I felt we had three key decisions that went against us and my team didn't get the rub of the green.
He threatened that anyone who went against the Resistance will lose, describing the process as "going against time, since the future is for those who protect the nation, for they are the makers of the present and future.
2 Ian Campbell claimed "horrendous" decisions went against his side as they crashed in Methil.
Sainsbury's has been advised that the oversleeve used on its 'colin' pollack product went against food labelling regulations.