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Mr Greenwood said: 'This was the day he found out about it and he went off the rails.
The court heard that Anthony Martin went off the rails after his marriage broke up.
At 17, having been rejected from his lifetime ambition, he went off the rails somewhat.
SINGER Ellie Goulding went off the rails following her heartbreaking split from US dance music star Skrillex, it emerged yesterday.
KIERAN Richardson has revealed how he was saved by God after his life went off the rails at Manchester United.
LILY Allen has told how she went off the rails on drugs and booze.
Archie decides to revive the career of a talented local lad who went off the rails, with Jamie helping him to get back in shape.
GAVIN and Stacey star James Corden has revealed how co-stars Rob Brydon and Ruth Jones saved him when he went off the rails.
A court in Douglas, Isle of Man, heard Kershaw went off the rails when Juliette Banner, 42, the mother of his two children, found a new partner.
We fell out two years ago after she went off the rails when her dad died.
A TRAIN passenger went off the rails when he was charged EUR2.