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The cruise line said yesterday: "We have clearly established that the crew member went overboard this morning.
Larsen said that security cameras confirmed the time that the passenger went overboard.
He said lifeguards were only alerted four hours after Natalie went overboard, despite her yacht, the Splendour, being anchored just 100ft from a rescue boat.
Don't let that stop you making the same effort next year when your husband should remember he went overboard -and focus his attention on you
She managed to last until one day she went to the neighborhood mall with her girlfriends and went overboard on ice cream and candy.
I think some people went overboard," says Patrick McCarthy, editorial director of fashion magazine W.
Others went overboard with fillers and ended up more like flavorless chewing gum than cheddar.
The 80,000 shoes went overboard in May 1990, about 800 kilometers southeast of the Alskan Peninsula.
Epic really went overboard last year for the contestants with champagne, limos, field trips and dinners, making their participation that much more enjoyable.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Chilean authorities are investigating the disappearance of a Filipino crew member who went overboard from NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line) cruise ship Norwegian Sun February 16.
Kate's step-dad Kurt Russell looked unimpressed as the girls went Overboard.
When 50 of 103 of Napoli's containers went overboard and were washed up at Branscombe beach near Sidmouth, thousands of people swarmed over the pebbles in a looting frenzy.