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Pressure sums of about 102 bar, 130 bar and 155 bar were applied at the hydroentanglement step and a special focus was put on the analysis of the wet strength and the flushability of the product, determined in the slosh-box test according to EDANA III guidelines.
One way to better understand soy adhesives is to examine the adhesive performance of commercial soy flour, concentrate, and isolate adhesives prepared in the concentrations listed in Table 1 for dry and wet strength using our ABES standard method.
Preservation of parent rock fabric in saprolite due to in situ isovolumetric weathering (Nahon 1991) may be responsible for the higher values of dry and wet strength.
Besides this, we as producers look at the technical sides like how it performs on the machinery: particle retention, wet strength, etcetera.
The beat results were obtained in experimental manufacture by using fiber furnishes of 100-percent strong bleached sulfate pulps with the addition of melamine-formaldehyde resin to increase the wet strength and titanium dioxide to produce the desired capacity.
Dr Sansom said: "This resin is added to tissues for example to give them wet strength and make sure they hold together when you blow your nose.
Regular viscose fibre does not have high wet strength but the polymeric variety of viscose fibre has this property also.
These include formaldehyde for use in manufacture of polymers, urea-formaldehyde concentrate for the fertilizer and resin industries, wet strength resins for the paper-making industry, and specialty urea-formaldehyde, melamine-formaldehyde and phenol formaldehyde resins for a wide range of uses in both liquid and powder forms.
Figure 18 illustrates the principle of wet strength testing.
Gorham announces expanded capability to make packaging papers with up to 25% wet strength, color and grease resistance, adding innovative functionality for demanding Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and food applications.
Outer ply 50# wet strength Kraft/2nd ply 50# set strength Kraft.
With its wet strength properties, Silvervac WSA maintains label design integrity in the presence of moisture, humidity and the challenging conditions of an ice bucket, so that branding is never compromised.