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The Met Office figures show that the provisional rainfall total of 1297.1mm (51.1in) in the UK is the fourth highest total on record, meaning five of the six wettest years have happened since 2000.
Almost 8,000 homes and businesses were flooded last year as drought gave way to bands of rain, with the UK seeing record-breaking monthly rainfall totals in April and June and the wettest summer in a century.
The UK's average rainfall in 2012, excluding December, was 1,202mm - placing it 13th in the list of wettest years since records began in 1910.
Data released by Meteo-Group showed that 14.25in (362mm) of rain has fallen in June, July and August so far, making it the wettest summer since 1912.
A spokesman for MeteoGroup said that provisional data suggests that June was the wettest since 1860, the dullest since 1909 and the coldest since 1991.
Figures from the Met Office today show the period from May to July of this year, which has seen the worst flooding in modern times, was the wettest since records began in 1766 - even before July is over.
However, while one North Wales town was named wettest in Britain, another - only 50 miles away - was declared the warmest.
Statistics showed 2004 was the second hottest and third wettest recorded north of the border.
RAF Leuchars near Dundee has received 205.8mm up to August 22, making it the wettest August since records began at the base in 1922.
This week, he heads for the city of Bergen in Norway, which holds the coveted title of wettest place in Europe.
SUPER-SOGGY January is to hit the record books as Britain's wettest month ever.
SHOPPING bills are set to soar after the wettest April this century.