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He is interested in tennis but being four, he just wants to whack the ball.
I picked up a baseball bat that we have and chased him out - I was going to give him a good whack.
Full Whack is named after the 'full whack' rations demanded by Liverpool sailors on sea voyages in the 1800s.
Some owners imported massive amounts of Whack ahead of Friday's new law, as it is classed as a medicine and could side-step the ban.
Best-selling author and creativity consultant Roger von Oech has created the Ball of Whacks, from the CREATIVE WHACK CO.
But with Claude the gator lurking around, the homes must be strong enough to withstand a strong tail whack.
At the beginning of the game only one or two moles pop up, but by the end of the game they're popping up everywhere and the poor player can't possibly whack them all.
The calendar is out of whack, says Miami-Dade parent Sherry Sturner.
With federal expenses so far out of whack with the scale of U.
Dimming the gleam of that whack slipper / is one less thing she'd worry about, / frankly, if she had her way.
Kermit goes into a bank and is served by counter assistant Patricia Whack.