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WHALER, mar. law. A vessel employed in the whale fishery.
     2. It is usual for the owner of the vessel, the captain and crew, to divide the profits in just proportions, under an agreement similar to the contract Di Colonna. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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WHALING ships once operated out of Liverpool but it was never a major industry in the port - at its height, around 1788, there were 21 vessels registered as whalers.
While anchoring at Ecuador, they meet the captain of a doomed Spanish whaling ship who tells about an abundance of whales in the South Pacific, but warns them about a monstrous white whale that wrecked his ship.
Australian environmental group, Sea Shepherd, sailed in between a Japanese whaling ship and an oil tanker to stop the fleet from refuelling.
And between 1947 and 1949 Arthur became a member of crew on the Sondra, a whaling ship, which towed whales back to South Georgia's Leith harbour in Antarctica.
One hundred fifty years after the book's publication, archaeologists have found remains of the Two Brothers, Pollard's whaling ship that sank in 1823 after hitting a reef on an island 600 miles northwest of Honolulu.
An anti-whaling activist from New Zealand has pleaded guilty to trespassing on a Japanese whaling ship.
A CONSERVATION group's boat was sinking last night after its bow sheared off in a collision with a Japanese whaling ship in Antarctica.
JAPANESE police have sought arrest warrants for three activists from the US-based animal rights group Sea Shepherd over their alleged attack on a whaling ship last year, according to reports.
TOKYO: A Japanese whaling ship last night handed over to an Australian customs vessel two anti-whaling activists who climbed aboard two days earlier, an official from Japan's Fisheries Agency said.
Lured by what he perceives as the romance of "the land of a thousand whales" and profoundly uninterested in becoming a boatbuilder like his father, Sebastian stows away on a whaling ship headed for Labrador.