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WHALER, mar. law. A vessel employed in the whale fishery.
     2. It is usual for the owner of the vessel, the captain and crew, to divide the profits in just proportions, under an agreement similar to the contract Di Colonna. (q.v.)

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The footage revealed the dead whale on the deck of Japanese whaling ship, Nisshin Maru.
He said he had been following the Japanese whaling ship Nisshin Maru since the morning of Feb 23.
The anti-whaling organisation based in Australia said two Japanese whaling ships had ambushed its ship, Bob Barker, on Feb 23.
Mr McCully said he was advised that the Japanese whaling ship Shonan Maru 2 was following the anti-whaling ship Sea Shepherd in New Zealand's EEZ.
Summary: A conservation group's boat has sunk after it collided with a Japanese whaling ship in the Southern Ocean.
New Zealand will formally complain to the Japanese government over its whaling program in the Southern Ocean and an incident in which Greenpeace activists were hauled up the ramp of a Japanese whaling ship, government officials in Wellington said Friday.
The girls had been on a whaling ship before being dropped back to shore to continue their trek across Ecuador.
Last year, a Japanese whaling ship and a ship owned by Sea Shepherd collided twice near a pod of whales.
According to the Tokyo-based Institute of Cetacean Research, a sabotage vessel approached a Japanese whaling ship and directed laser beams at the ship's crew in February 2011.
By 1841, he was on his first journey on the sea, on-board the Acushnet whaling ship.
Part of the Flowerpot Press '10 Minute Classics' series, this timeless tale of a man called Ishmael who joins the crew of an ultimately doomed whaling ship called the Pequod.
We have a professional approach and therefore we don't think about it," Dag Myklebust, the captain and harpoonist on the whaling ship Kato reportedly said in the documentary, adding that whales being pregnant "is a sign of good health.