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WHARFAGE. The money paid for landing goods upon, or loading them from a wharf. Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.

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But with the DOH given no prior notice about the shipment, its release from the port has been delayed, for which reason the storage, demurrage and wharfage fees thereon continues to accumulate.
This means a refinery situated in hydrocarbon rich area and using local crude oil, does not have to pay crude oil transportation, but it is still given ex-refinery price containing wharfage element.
Angel Appeal, an arm of The Mission to Seafarers, a British-based global charity for seafarers, is distributing 4,200 health and food packs at four ports in the UAE this month - the Jebel Ali Port, Sharjah Creek, Dhow Wharfage and Dubai Creek.
The Al Mamzar Corniche Beach project is one of the numerous social developments being undertaken on Deira's coastline; the 3KM-long Deira Wharfage development, worth $54.
Wgner will, among other things, work on creek bridges, vehicular underpasses, flyovers, footbridges, pedestrian subways, camel underpasses, box culverts, dhow wharfage, underpass pumping stations, fire pump stations, service culverts, pipe culverts, water features on the roads and wooden street furniture.
Dockage and wharfage fees generated for the Borough amount to some $30,000.
A new bigger dhow wharfage is to be built in Dubai to help reduce the congestion of vessels along Dubai Creek and to give a boost to the import and export business in the emirate.
Adjacent to Riverside Park providing river wharfage and rail halt.
Topics include New England merchants and the circum-Caribbean slave trade; wharfage, porterage, and pilferage: maritime slaves and resistance in Charleston, South Carolina; new Africans in the post-slavery French West Indies and Guiana, 1854-1889; common bedfellows: Brazilian antislavery and anti-capital punishment efforts in comparative perspective; trans-Atlantic links: the Benguela-Bahia connections, 1700-1850, and picturing homes and border crossings: the slavery trope in films and the black Atlantic.
This latter proposal drew largely on one developed by Schulze seven years previously, in his prize-winning design for wharfage improvement at Circular Quay?
In the first phase of the ongoing, multifaceted work Wharfage, 2008-, for example (commissioned for the 2009 Sharjah Biennial), CAMP produced a book and a live radio broadcast.