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'It's raw, short, merciless, funny and a terrific kick up the backside, both for our society and the wheedling cliche-mongers of recent political theatre,' Letts continues.
After wheedling her way into Kelly and Lloyd's love nest, it looks like she's now keen to get her hooks into the cabbie.
Wheedling to go to a movie when there was a soccer match on was a no-hoper.
Her partner in Bluebeard's Castle, Jason Howard, has a very secure low bass range for a baritone, and his portrayal of the hopelessly romantic Duke Bluebeard up against Judith's relentless wheedling and prying was at once touching and frustrating.
Manufacturers are correctly slashing their work forces, consolidating operations into fewer and more efficient plants, raising revenue by tacking on service fees for maintenance, closing excess distribution centers, and wheedling deals out of suppliers.
My daughter leans into me, wheedling, "Can we buy the car, please?
The continuous batter of cringing, whining and over-familiar wheedling is very disagreeable, but it must be much more so for the people who have to grasp their living from the tourists.
Many times among the conglomerate boulders of our glacierexposed rocks I have amused myself by wheedling loose a fingernail-sized white pebble from its hardened sand matrix, and pondered the prospect that this bit of mineral had been embedded, individually immobilized, for a third of a billion years.
These days, the word is also used to mean wheedling, scrounging or cadging.
Ophelia's fatal meeting with Hamlet didn't leave much for the beautiful Marie-Pierre Flechais to die for, and Martin James was not given many chances to show the range of the fall of the wheedling King Claudius.
There below her his curly black head bobs and controls his mouth open so she must obey from day to night one or the other scrambling between her legs wheedling or forcing her to give give give.
In each one of us, there lurks such a liberal, wheedling us with the voice of common sense" Liberalism was too optimistic and progressive to make sense of the mass production of corpses then--as it is now.