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Whenever the dancers paused to change partners or to catch breath, he would boom out softly, `Who's that goin' back on me?
She pretends to consider herself quite beyond the age to be interested by such idle stories as these; but, for all that, whenever a story is to be told, Primrose never fails to be one of the listeners, and to make fun of it when finished.
On the other hand, whenever it was her pleasure to appear abroad, as on Sundays and fete-days, she would put on some very brilliant-coloured dress, usually of thin texture, a silk bonnet with a wreath of flowers, and a very fine shawl.
There was a fearful dismay in this suggestion of my excited imagination, and if I had allowed myself time to dwell upon it, I should no doubt have cut there and then, rushed back to my chamber, and bolted myself in; but whenever a danger or a horror is veiled with uncertainty, the primary wish of the mind is to ascertain first the naked truth, reserving the expedient of flight for the moment when its dread anticipation shall be realized.
You have thriven well in the world hitherto,' said the grinder, 'now if you could find money in your pocket whenever you put your hand in it, your fortune would be made.
net, Kirby, 22, narrated how his strict mother would nag him whenever he's out of the house.
AaAaAeAccents   Take a sip whenever Brady's relationship with President Dona Trump comes up.
The 'Bhoothnath Returns' actor in an interview with Express News said that he just needs an invitation to Pakistan and he will certainly travel to the neighboring country whenever, he gets a chance.
But all the passages leading to the market have become impassable for me as the drug addicts are always found assembling there and whenever I try to go through any passage they encircle me and harass me with immoral gestures", said Kaneez Fatima, a lecturer.
l Take a drink whenever Alesha Dixon (pictured) mentions a contestant's arms, bursts into her Mutley laugh or comes out with an ungrammatical sentence.
You showed me the right path whenever I went wrong.
Whenever he leaves the country we should have a team of PR people bribing the media into not revealing his whereabouts.