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By or through which; by the help of which; in accordance with which.

For example, in the promissory note clause "whereby he promised and agreed for value received to pay," the term whereby is equivalent to the phrase and by it.


conjunction as a result of which, by which, in accordance with which, through which
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He had no standard and no experience whereby he might classify his sentiments toward this wonderful creature.
Minister Mashnouq then met with Swiss Ambassador to Lebanon Francois Barras, whereby they discussed an array of issues of mutual concern.
James Bates, aged 27, of Beechwood Road, Bed-worth, using a vehicle whereby the maximum front axle weight shown on fitted plate was exceeded, using a vehicle whereby the maximum gross vehicle weight shown on fitted plate was exceeded and using a vehicle whereby the maximum rear axle weight shown in the plate was exceeded, fined pounds 300.
The Ontario government decided not to appeal an Ontario Court of Appeal ruling on the Falkiner case, eliminating the so-called "spouse in the house" rule whereby single women immediately lost their social assistance benefits if there were any signs of cohabitation with another person, including shopping or celebrating birthdays together.
A significant phase of this transformation has been the reorganization of DAU to a regionalization concept, whereby DAU has reorganized into five regions within the continental United States to become more customer-centric with the AT & L workforce.
In a report highlighting the state of the authority's finances, deputy chief executive Lynn James said: 'It is becoming evident there are a number of areas whereby the situation is worsening, for example school funding, whereby the continued use of school balances to meet budgetary shortfalls cannot be sustained.
a filter that eliminates a specified narrow bandwidth frequency from a signal consisting of frequencies of a given bandwidth) in the MEMS mirror serves to suppress the mechanical resonance (a phenomenon whereby the input of an external signal at a certain frequency induces strong vibrations) that normally occurs when switching the optical signal.
Consumer Alert, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute had sued the agencies, charging that they lacked authority to mandate pediatric testing -- that legislation had set up a voluntary system whereby manufacturers receive incentives to test drugs on children; FDA's rule instead established a mandatory system whereby they determined which drugs had pediatric uses and required pediatric testing.
The city's three largest residential brokerage firms are joining forces to establish a multiple listing service in early 2001, whereby brokers and homeowners will be able to view a central database of real estate listings combined from the three companies.
Philosophy can be taught in teacher education whereby application might well be made of its tenets.
Among the most novel features is a new Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) service, whereby sensors in customer silos enable GE to monitor customer inventories in real time and ensure timely restocking (see photo).
Five components for CSR are described: (1) Strategizing, whereby the district supports CSR by setting overall standards and goals, allocating resources, and evaluating progress over time; (2) Building Support, whereby the district informs stakeholders and gains the buy-in of the community in the school-reform process; (3) Facilitating Informed Choice, whereby the district helps each school develop a comprehensive school-reform strategy that meets its needs; (4) Forging a New Compact with Schools, whereby the district gives schools increased authority to pursue reform while holding them accountable for results; and (5) Building Capacity, whereby the district creates a capacity-building system that enables each school to strengthen teaching, learning, and leadership.