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By or through which; by the help of which; in accordance with which.

For example, in the promissory note clause "whereby he promised and agreed for value received to pay," the term whereby is equivalent to the phrase and by it.


conjunction as a result of which, by which, in accordance with which, through which
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In addition, NetVision and Discount Investment Corporation ("DIC"), the other major shareholder of NetVision, which also holds approximately 48% of Elron, are negotiating a transaction whereby NetVision would purchase all of the issued share capital of GlobeCall Communications Ltd.
whereby Sharps provides safe disposal systems and related services for Waste Management's residential and commercial customers.
Granard's decision to enter into employment with ECHO, the Company agreed to enter into a restricted stock grant agreement whereby Mr.
Satelinx and CQIP have entered into a letter of intent whereby CQIP will acquire a 51% interest in Satelinx.
27 per unit whereby each unit consists of one common flow-through share and one-half of one warrant to purchase a non-flow-through common share at $0.
A 40% interest in the Russell Lake Property is under option to Roughrider whereby Roughrider must have completed or caused to be completed an aggregate of $2,000,000 of Assessment Work on or before September 30, 2006.
Implement a hotel inspection system whereby visitors, travel agents and tour operators booking visits to Abu Dhabi will be able to clearly differentiate among the types of accommodations available in Abu Dhabi.
This transaction is considered consistent with the Company's grass-roots exploration strategy whereby the Company conducts most of its exploration activity on 100%-owned grass-roots properties including Phase-1 diamond drill programs, but seeks partners to fund exploration on other properties having undergone more historical exploration work, or following the Phase-1 programs to continue and extend the exploration process.
This week, The Company and Ranier, closed an agreement with Houston based Fortune Exploration whereby Fortune Exploration agreed to re-imburse the Company it's lease costs and assume all future costs to drill, complete and equip both wells carrying TransAmerican and Ranier for a combined 15% working interest.
Pay2(TM) does not "handle" money but acts as a sophisticated, secure database and messaging system whereby funds never leave the banking credit infrastructure.
Golconda Resources has amended the agreement whereby a third party can earn a 30% interest in the Wapawekka claims by spending one million dollars in exploration.
Minister Mashnouq then met with Swiss Ambassador to Lebanon Francois Barras, whereby they discussed an array of issues of mutual concern.