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Antilochus rushed towards him and struck him on the temples with his sword, whereon he fell head first from the chariot to the ground.
Meanwhile the Achaeans carried off the body of Tlepolemus, whereon Ulysses was moved to pity, and panted for the fray as he beheld them.
He then bade Paeeon heal him, whereon Paeeon spread pain-killing herbs upon his wound and cured him, for he was not of mortal mould.
As Vincent Van Gogh wrote just after he had seen a posthumous exhibit of Millet's drawings of peasants engaged in timeless agrarian labor, "Put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.
The executive authority of the Federal Government extends to such matters whereon the Federal Government has the authority to make laws.
Jesus does indeed represent spiritual sustenance for her readers, but their desire, Lanyer proposes, is that "he may be the Booke, / Whereon thine eyes continually may looke" (1351-52).
As seen above, the instructor will usually start at the explanation stage before going on to description or definition, whereon closed questioning ends as open, ill fitted questioning begins (Byun, Lee, & Cerreto, 2013).
Let others look for pearl and gold, Tissues and tabbies manifold: One only lock of that sweet hay Whereon the blessed baby lay, Or one poor swaddling-clout, shall be The richest New Year's gift to me.
Dr Saif maintained that the helpline-1121 had been activated round-the-clock whereon any citizen can report or get information about a child either went missing or found.
The committee said, however, that it is still too early to identify when or the whereon the aircraft the fire took place.
Miss Philippines, and from now on Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, is actually half-German whereon we are really happy about and proud of.
However, they said, the Housing Foundation was in the process of acquiring more than 20,000 kanal of land in Bhara Kahu, whereon approximately 20,000 plots were likely to be created.