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Then Apollo sent Aeneas forth from his rich sanctuary, and filled his heart with valour, whereon he took his place among his comrades, who were overjoyed at seeing him alive, sound, and of a good courage; but they could not ask him how it had all happened, for they were too busy with the turmoil raised by Mars and by Strife, who raged insatiably in their midst.
Antilochus rushed towards him and struck him on the temples with his sword, whereon he fell head first from the chariot to the ground.
Meanwhile the Achaeans carried off the body of Tlepolemus, whereon Ulysses was moved to pity, and panted for the fray as he beheld them.
As many as 20 train accidents occurred in June.; a train derailed in yard of Lahore Railway station on June 01, Eid special train derailed near Lalamusa Railway station on June 03, Bogies of Shah Hussain train derailed near Faisalabad Railway station on June 05, a train met with accident in Karachi division on June 05 and bogies of Thall express derailed near Kandh Kot as well, Islamabad Express train hit motorcycle near Gujrat on June 07, Bolan Express met with accident in Karachi division on June 08, Sindh Express derailed in Sukkar yard on June 15 and likewise trains accidents continued in the month of June till 29th whereon Rawalpindi Express hit a motorcycle - so far 79 trains accidents have occurred in the current tenure of Sheikh Rasheed as Railways minister.
A board has also been displayed upon it whereon it is inscribed that Auqaf department has taken control of madrissah.
Daroo Khan Achakzai further stated that there are huge potentials available in plastic items, sports goods, carpet, edible fruits, agriculture products and leather goods whereon Turkey should give concession in tariff rates to Pakistan.
Passing to the Market place at mid-day the usual crowd had foregathered and to be up-to-date there was the lorry to hand whereon speakers, ready charged, aired their views in relation to the event, and also made a plea for the Federation of Discharged Sailors and Soldiers, the officers of whom were in possession.
Gen Muzammil Hussain said that WAPDA being the biggest stakeholder is aware on water issues whereon economic growth, food security, development and security of Pakistan depend.
Now, naval history abounds in materials whereon to erect a science ...
As Vincent Van Gogh wrote just after he had seen a posthumous exhibit of Millet's drawings of peasants engaged in timeless agrarian labor, "Put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground."
The executive authority of the Federal Government extends to such matters whereon the Federal Government has the authority to make laws.33
Jesus does indeed represent spiritual sustenance for her readers, but their desire, Lanyer proposes, is that "he may be the Booke, / Whereon thine eyes continually may looke" (1351-52).