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I am surrounded by dangers, whichever way I look," he said.
He was no longer free in mind, and by degrees he became a mere hanger-on of Government, selling the support of his pen to whichever party was in power.
The servants had better be warned beforehand, in case of this adventuress or madwoman, whichever she may be, attempting to make her way into the house.
Her passions were indeed equally violent, whichever way they inclined; for as she could be extremely angry, so could she be altogether as fond.
She is a very vain creature, and lives mostly in a room surrounded by mirrors, so that she can admire herself whichever way she looks.
So when Langwidere sat in her easy chair and played soft melodies upon her mandolin, her form was mirrored hundreds of times, in walls and ceiling and floor, and whichever way the lady turned her head she could see and admire her own features.
Or was there, as it rather seemed, a circle of ominous shadow moving along with his deformity whichever way he turned himself?
Shri Indrajit Pal, IAS (AP:77), Secretary, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers assigned additional charge of the post of Secretary, Department of Fertilizers with immediate effect for a period of three months or until further orders, whichever is earlier.
boats and other vessels hn in ns and nk for two years, total f / y 660 000,00 eur (including vat and booking ), whichever of the two comes first (time or amount), award criteria the lowest price.