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Hym thoughte that his herte wolde breke, Whan he saugh hem so pitous and so maat, That whilom weren of so greet estaat; And in his armes he hem alle up hente, And hem conforteth in ful good entente, And swoor his ooth, as he was trewe knyght, He wolde doon so ferforthly his myght Upon the tiraunt Creon hem to wreke That al the peple of Grece sholde speke How Creon was of Theseus yserved As he that hadde his deeth ful wel deserved.
Through the medium of one of the defendants who took the stand, and in his pleas, Darrow traced the negro up through the cons of his evolution, traced him in his whilom habitat along the Zambezi River, traced him through the Gethsemane of slavery, pictured him being tortured by the Simon Legrees of Puritanism as the victim of mob vengeance, burning at the stake and finally emerging into the hope of a new day.
Some think the world of Foucault, some a tad well, But some as Dryden whilom thought of Shadwell.
And yet this mock-scholarly scam became a best-seller, received high initial praise from outstanding liberals like Woodward and whilom Marxists like Eugene Genovese, and made its slippery scribe rich and famous.
Here in the kingdom of time and place There are no beasts and bowers, no whilom, No wights.
He shall not bee brought in as whilom he was, and yet verie well,
This is the poynt, to speken short and pleyn, That ech of yow, to shorte with oure weye, In this viageo shal telle tales tweye journey To Caunterbury-ward, I meneo it so, mean, intend And homward he shal tellen othere two, Of aventures that whilom han bifalle.
Olive Custance, Alice Meynell, Dollie Radford, and the twain - Katherine Harris Bradley and Edith Emma Cooper, her niece and Sapphic lover - sheltering behind the joint nom de guerre, Michael Field, have long been accorded their due mead, but now, consequent to 'the substantial development of information and interest in women's writing in the last quarter of this century', are being confronted those denials incivilly served out to what were whilom regarded as less worthy female talents.
Chaucer's Ghoast Confessio Amantis I find that heretofore was I find hou whilom ther one, was on, whose name it was Whos name was Pymaleon, Pygmalion, which was a lusty man of Which was a lusti man of youth, yowthe and at fine warks was very The werkes of entaile he couth cowthe above all other men, as tho, Above all othre men as tho; and through fortune it fell And thurgh fortune it fell him so, him so, As he that doth in Love As he whom love schal travail, travaile, he made an Image of He made an ymage of entaile; entaile like to a Woman in Lich to a womman in semblance semblance of feature and of Of feture and of countenance.
For thilke peyne and thilke hoote fir In which thow whilom brendest for desir, Whan that thow usedest the beautee Of faire, yonge, fressbe Venus free, And haddest hire in armes at thy wille - Although thee ones on a tyme mysfille, Whan Vulcanus hadde caught thee in his las, And foond thee liggynge by his wyf, allas
Allas I wrecche that whilom was in welthe And lusty songes vsed for to write Now am I set in sorowes and vnselthe.
Purveyor of pimple and acne assassin ointments, complex complexion restoratives, drenches and a whole pseudo-pharmacopoeia of universal salves for all the ills to which sad human flesh is heir, he is a frank extravert, the veritable antithesis of whilom shadowy Jack, the skulking wraith of East End London.