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Hym thoughte that his herte wolde breke, Whan he saugh hem so pitous and so maat, That whilom weren of so greet estaat; And in his armes he hem alle up hente, And hem conforteth in ful good entente, And swoor his ooth, as he was trewe knyght, He wolde doon so ferforthly his myght Upon the tiraunt Creon hem to wreke That al the peple of Grece sholde speke How Creon was of Theseus yserved As he that hadde his deeth ful wel deserved.
Ma Dame, whilom I was on That to mi fader hadde a king; Bot I was slow, and for no thing Me liste noght to love obeie, And that I now ful sore abeie.
The whilom brands of avant-garde began to deal in nostalgie, develop a Proustian relish du temps perdu.
Through the medium of one of the defendants who took the stand, and in his pleas, Darrow traced the negro up through the cons of his evolution, traced him in his whilom habitat along the Zambezi River, traced him through the Gethsemane of slavery, pictured him being tortured by the Simon Legrees of Puritanism as the victim of mob vengeance, burning at the stake and finally emerging into the hope of a new day.
He shall not bee brought in as whilom he was, and yet verie well,