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Remploy closed in Birmingham to no more than a whimper of protest.
But all the lads are embarrassed by Wednesday night because we went out with a whimper.
Summary: And with not a bang but a whimper, the battle to lower the voting age in Lebanon has ended, for now, with dozens of MPs taking the bold decision to abstain from even voting when the matter came up on Monday.
England's youngsters were thrashed in the European Championship final but, while they went out with a whimper, Pearce was raising his hand to a German player by the touchline before restraining himself.
ROY KEANE admitted he was ashamed as woeful Sunderland crashed out with a whimper.
LEYTON Orient manager Martin Ling, whose side was beaten 4-2 by Hartlepool at the weekend, reckons they gave up their unbeaten record with a whimper.
The once world-renowned Zimbabwe International Book Fair wound up with a whimper, with its only foreign exhibitor - the embassy of Iran - packing Islamic tracts and brochures into cardboard boxes.
But while Dion's contract is up just before Christmas, Dragone isn't planning to go out with a whimper, and what you see now is different from when the show opened four years ago this month.
We already know in our hearts, despite the stalwart rhetoric, this will all end with a bang and a whimper.
MEANWHILE, AS THE CANADIAN Wheat Board fights for its marketing monopoly, Australia's wheat board is dying with a whimper.
They'll whimper and weep, responding to the allegation with their cherubic faces oozing innocence and hurt.
If this does happen, Mr Moyes please take us down playing with some passion and dignity and not with a whimper like at The Hawthorns