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Let's hope RTE gets some fun and vibrant guests to bring 2016 in with a bang - rather than more whining and whimpering.
This six-week-old was heard by Lennie Cleary whimpering next to the bottle bank at Tesco in Emscote Road, Warwick, earlier this month.
Summary: Dog owners should be prepared for their pets to start whimpering at their TV screens, thanks to a new dog food advert.
THE owner of two dogs has been fined pounds 200 after their barking and whimpering made his neighbours' lives a misery.
His ensuing adventures reflect back to him just how unpleasant and sour the effect of whimpering and whining can be on all who are around it.
A half-starved dog lay in the corner, whimpering pathetically'; 'When told to go straight to bed, the child started to whimper'.
He appeared upset and was whimpering - he was taking in short breaths.
The driver jumped out and ran to the rear of his car and let out a whimpering groan.
No whimpering or excuses here, unlike the crass, disrespectful Bernard Hopkins, who took his beating like a spoilt brat earlier in the year.
The sell-out of Sudbury is all over but the whimpering.
The 12-year-old remained down the 10ft deep gap for three-and-a-half weeks until a passer-by heard her whimpering.