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To this we may ascribe many of their whimsical pranks and absurd propositions, and, above all, their mysterious colloquies in Gaelic.
So long a time has elapsed, you must know, since I abated of the ardours of self-inquiry that I revert in vain (through many rusty doors) for the beginning of this change in me, if changed I am; I seem ever to see this same man until I am back in those wonderful months which were half of my life, when, indeed, I know that I was otherwise than I am now; no whimsical fellow then, for that was one of the possibilities I put to myself while seeking for the explanation of things, and found to be inadmissible.
My guide, too, appeared to take on an added seriousness as he read it, and I fancied that I could detect beneath his whimsical manner something of manliness, almost of dignity.
Senor," said Sancho on hearing this, "it is the part of brave hearts to be patient in adversity just as much as to be glad in prosperity; I judge by myself, for, if when I was a governor I was glad, now that I am a squire and on foot I am not sad; and I have heard say that she whom commonly they call Fortune is a drunken whimsical jade, and, what is more, blind, and therefore neither sees what she does, nor knows whom she casts down or whom she sets up.
Sewists and quilters have long delighted in using her fabric to create whimsical sewn creations.
99) is a whimsical survey that packs fun cartoon-like drawings of dogs into the story of what dogs do all day.
This comical take on a woman's second coming-of-age is breezy and whimsical.
Whimsical Woollies: 20 Projects to Knit and Felt is for knitters at all levels who can easily create the projects in this book.
Ingate, helmed Whimsical to a one point victory in the 2015 Prince Philip Cup, sailed out of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club on Melbourne's Port Phillip, narrowly outsailing a fleet that included boats representing Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, Western Australia and Great Britain.
com)-- Cindi Walton of Whimsical Words Publishing has just published a 50 pg.
These are whimsical, fun creations that pair step-by-step instructions with template patterns and plenty of ideas for bright, whimsical backyard stories and adventures.
Hughes should have an even better chance on board Whimsical in the 7f fillies' handicap (8.