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Photographs and paintings share the walls this month at the Emerald Art Center, featuring the 27th annual PhotoZone Juried Show and Eugene artist Alan Clark's whimsically named "Acrylic Paint, My Close Friend and Confidant" display.
A new deal will not only extend his commitment to Anfield, but as well as reportedly raise his buy-out clause to [pounds sterling]60million, which is supposed to be a preemptive measure to assure that giants like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will not just whimsically snatch the attacking talent away from them.
Now you think it's all right to whimsically Readers problems answered online by YOU
Last night, just before the ban went into effect, someone from Turkey tweeted whimsically in Turkish: "Twitter has been closed down.
The band serves up a whimsically macabre brand of electropop that crosses the breadth of the genre, from the spooky, synth-driven "Too Ugly for Heaven'' to the gorgeous and gothy "Underground Sky.
The first installment of the fantasy saga gets things off to a flying start, whimsically bringing JK Rowling's magical world to life with the aid of a marvellous cast of British character actors.
The President visited the Garden of Fossils comprising the unique collection of centuries-old big stones and whimsically shaped trees.
The book is derived from literary and fictive traditions of London providing a whimsically geometric manifestation of the city and its collective subconscious.
WWE RAW VS SMACKDOWN 2011 (360) USUALLY when I get a wrestling game to review I start whimsically recalling the bygone days of Wrestlemania on the arcade when I bunked off school to play it at the local shop.
Former nuclear physicist Vassanji, a notable strain of whose work is the problematising of ' boxed- in' national and other identities, spoke whimsically of the prize.
This is the theme of this whimsically illustrated picture book.
Table: A low coffee table incorporates rough cord, whimsically alluding to the modular aspects of the Bidoun design.