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As valuable as corporate contributions are to any charitable organization, the story of Casting Whimsy and family exemplifies the generosity of individuals and small businesses.
Experience a different type of Christmas as SM Southmall brings whimsy and cuteness with its Enchanted Woodland display.
Mac and eventually for Whimsy's original owners in 2005, whom she bought out In 2007.
Inspirational tee shirts and customized sportswear are just a few of the colorful apparel items for sale at Whimsy Fashion.
Set of 12 full bloom flowers in a chalkboard bottle (comes with an eraser and two pieces of chalk) by Whimsy (P1,200)
A case in point is "The Zero Theorem," a sci-fi confection that, at best, momentarily recalls the dystopian whimsy of the director's best-loved effort, "Brazil," but ends up dissolving into a muddle of unfunny jokes and half-baked ideas.
In his poem "5 Very Good Reasons Never to Date a Physicist," Oregon poet Chris Leja dissects the problems in a relationship with equal amounts of whimsy and delicacy.
A painter for more than 15 years, Levine has recently turned to silk as an outlet for expression; her Teri Levine Silk Art Collection she has taken the color and whimsy of her abstract pieces and made them wearable.
Officials for the brand, part of Atlanta-based Newell Rubbermaid's Home Organization & Style Global Business Unit, say the styles range from classic to modern and capture the crisp, sleek lines of art deco, the charm and romance of vintage jewels, the whimsy and light of the constellations and the flourishing expressions of vines and blooms.
Keep it off the whimsy side with this structured dress, pounds 65, by Monsoon Fusion.
Prior fans of Cosby will rush to pick up his latest: it's filled with fun and whimsy and his humor translates well to book form, making it a 'must' for any general lending library.