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The hound caught the well-known sounds, and answered by a whine of friendship, which threatened to break out into one of his piercing howls.
Ay, whine and deform your throats as you may, ye imps of darkness," she said, with a cracked but scornful laugh; "I know ye; tarry, and ye shall have light for your misdeeds.
A yell of triumph burst from the savages in their turn, and was rather accompanied than followed by a long, loud whine from Hector.
He ate his food, and he killed his rats for the next three weeks, and when he began to whine I had only to say "Stanley--Kasauli; Kasauli--Stanley," to wake him up.
According to him, 'I was just trying to make a record that people can dance to, just whine and Daddy will take care of you.
The short video clip being aired by local tv station says that those who choose to not vote and let others decide for them should not 'later whine, criticise, applaud, and discuss'.
To help him be less anxious so he will whine less, make a list of things that cause your dog fear or stress, and pick two or three to start counter-conditioning, that is, changing how he feels about those things, so they no longer cause him stress or fear.
WHINE In a tweet on Friday, he said: "No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.
He may interpret this as he "has" to whine to get fed.
In fact, children usually will go for the "maybe payoff' loophole and whine more often in hopes of getting their way.
If you've got a puppy and he starts to whine, grab him firmly by the muzzle and give him the "quiet" command.
The first step would be to use a frequency analyzer to pinpoint the frequency of the whine.