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Other stations have formed their own Whiner Lines since WEEI created its in 1995 for "The Big Show," Glenn Ordway's afternoon-drive program, but WEEI has the only Whiney Awards as far as Wolfe knows.
While you are certainly not an overt whiner, you may be inadvertently inviting helplessness if you tolerate victim-speak from your team.
The presentation speech given by 2003 Baldwin Award Winner Sandy Berliner, noted, "The stature of IWF under our whiner has been recognized worldwide.
The Whiner is the most difficult communication pattern, Whiners complain about everything and they don't like to whine alone.
The Countess was sung by German-Greek soprano Anja Harteros, whiner of the 1999 Cardiff Singer of the World competition and also making her Met debut.
Chief Margaret Penasee-Mayer of Nipissing First Nation was this year's public sector whiner in the northeast.
Sometimes my sister calls me a whiner, and that makes me sad.
Never a whiner, Virgo simply went off and made two very interesting TV movies, The Planet of Junior Brown and One Heart Broken Into Song, while working on his new feature, which will be released later this year.
The author's empathetic portrayal of the Civil War vet is soured by his pissing on the Vietnam vet, who is depicted as a softie and a whiner.
Costs of complaining include negative social consequences (being labeled a whiner and being excluded) and the negative self-concept that ineffective complaining can lead to.
I read those articles the whiner referenced but they made perfect sense to me.