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The hound caught the well-known sounds, and answered by a whine of friendship, which threatened to break out into one of his piercing howls.
Ay, whine and deform your throats as you may, ye imps of darkness," she said, with a cracked but scornful laugh; "I know ye; tarry, and ye shall have light for your misdeeds.
A yell of triumph burst from the savages in their turn, and was rather accompanied than followed by a long, loud whine from Hector.
He ate his food, and he killed his rats for the next three weeks, and when he began to whine I had only to say "Stanley--Kasauli; Kasauli--Stanley," to wake him up.
I have a four-year-old cat who whines excessively - for everything.
If at any point he whines and gets a positive response, you've reinforced negative behavior and can bet he'll try it again.
When I put him in the car for a ride, he whines and whines.
Usually Flora whines when the bus pulls away,'' mom Jill Williams said.
After you have been able to keep her quietly waiting for the extended time and you go on an actual hunt, if she whines in the blind, get her out, walk her around a bit and replace her as you did in the training when she wasn't quiet.
Q My Shepherd Husky cross called Dee constantly whines and barks for attention.
In fact, she whines about every little knock or bump headache or finger-ache.
MR DURKIN whines on about Peter Elson's whining (Letters, February 5) and I have to disagree with his comments entirely.