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Understanding your dog's motivation for whining will lead you to the appropriate modification approach.
Education Minister Costas Kadis on Friday urged primary teachers' union POED to stop whining and cooperate with his ministry so that the new academic year could begin smoothly.
The first thing to do with the cat is get him checked over by your vet - this will rule out any medical reason there may be for the whining and excessive appetite.
As any parent can confirm, whining is one of the most irritating sounds on earth--literally.
INGA replies: Whining and panting in a car can be due to excitement, stress or motion sickness.
Drive is good, as is eagerness in all dogs, but without the proper level of patience to temper the anticipation, problems develop in the form of whining or barking.
Is there anyway to stop his whining, and is there an explanation for this?
So with her personality, I think the whining started because she was excited, anticipating something would happen soon.
2 Did he throw himself under a bus or gas himself after her constant whining about units and calories?
Stop already with the whining, Reminding yet again how some Have
And as Mitt Romney said once to his own Republican colleagues: Stop whining.
This may make her behaviour worse initially, but you need to persevere - if you give in then this will reward the whining and barking.