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1 : to move, snatch, or jerk quickly or with force <She whipped out a camera.
based Kraft Foods has introduced Cool Whip Whipped Topping in an aerosol can.
Her tall, regal creation with doctored-up chocolate cake mix layers filled with billowing clouds of sweetened whipped cream and fresh strawberries was inspired by neapolitan ice cream sandwiches she liked and ate as a kid.
Whipped cream cheese slices off another half gram by replacing cream cheese with air.
A quick refresher on the cream whipper's many facets might just inspire you, your staff, and your sales to freshly whipped heights.
Jockey Club rules on use of whipsA horse can be whipped only on its rump, behind the saddle.
Richard Moore's appearance in Nashville came three weeks after he had been taken by force from his home and whipped by a gang of masked men.
Chesnutt's choice of the word whipped here returns us to the central symbol of the story, the whip, and its connections with power.
As you beat, tiny fat globules suspended in liquid stretch around air bubbles whipped into cream and hold them for several hours.
To fat-conscious eaters, whipped heavy cream must seem like the ultimate no-no, with about 400 calories per cup, nearly all derived from fat.
Crowned with sweet fruit and cool whipped topping, our funnel cakes will delight guests of all ages looking for a tasty summer treat.
It is said horses are the only animals whipped in the name of sport.