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WHIPPING, punishment. The infliction of stripes.
     2. This mode of punishment, which is still practiced in some of the states, is a relict of barbarism; it has yielded in most of the middle and northern states to the penitentiary system.
     3. The punishment of whipping, so far as the same was provided by the laws of the United States, was abolished by the act of congress of February 28, 1839, s. 5. Vide 1 Chit. Cr. Law, 796; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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With the whipping in the compound, discipline had improved.
Consent to this whipping, my son; to the devil with the devil, and leave fear to milksops, for 'a stout heart breaks bad luck,' as you very well know."
He would at times seem to take great pleas- ure in whipping a slave.
Aunt Hester had not only disobeyed his orders in going out, but had been found in company with Lloyd's Ned; which circumstance, I found, from what he said while whipping her, was the chief of- fence.
Thwackum did all he could to persuade Allworthy from showing any compassion or kindness to the boy, saying, "He had persisted in an untruth;" and gave some hints, that a second whipping might probably bring the matter to light.
A rollicking wind was scudding across the harbor and the dunes, whipping the water into white-caps and washing the sandshore with long lines of silvery breakers.
I say," repeated Geppetto, "or I'll give you a sound whipping when I get in."
Moreover, to fix an idea in the child's mind, it is necessary that peace reign, outside and inside, that there be a serenity of spirit, material and moral tranquility and gentle encouragement [...] the daily spectacle of whippings destroys compassion in the heart and extinguishes that flame of dignity, the lever of the world, losing with it the feeling of shame which is difficult to restore.
Ammar Dwaik described the illegal torture being conducted as consisting of "whippings, hanging a person from his hands while they are tied behind his back, verbal abuse, sleep deprivation and whipping the soles of feet." His organization's report indicated that PA Security Forces were fully aware of the torture, although there were more complaints of torture in Hamas-run Gaza than in parts of Judea and Samaria under PA control.
"An unmarried adulterer with an unmarried adulteress both will be punished with a hundred whippings and a year in banishment.
I have suggested that there is much to be gained from viewing incidents of violence not merely as catalogs of political dispute and social discord (so many whippings, so many murders ...
That's all we knew." From that point on, readers get a huge peek into the humble and circuitous life of Jones with riveting stories about whippings from his gin-soaked father and being a less than perfect father himself to his own kids.