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The spectral forms of the lost pack were all about him as he sang and ran in open-eyed dream; the violinist paused in surprise; the men poked the monkey leader of the monkey orchestra and whirled him about wildly raging on his revolving stool; and Johnny laughed.
Sometimes their devious path approached the margin of cliffs below which the river foamed, and boiled, and whirled among the masses of rock that had fallen into its channel.
In the results, it is found that the stress phase delays to the exciting force one in the case of the integer-order forward whirl, while it advances in the case of integer-order reverse whirl.
The blue whirl is even more efficient; its azure glow indicates complete combustion, which releases little soot, or uncombusted carbon, into the air.
If Rampressor rotor does not whirl, the flows of the three inlets are of central symmetry so one of the three inlets can be used for numerical study of the flow field.
Wizdom Media has been working with Swirl Whirl Owner Dafna Gold McCarthy since the initial branding and website, and will continue to supply graphic support throughout the launch of the Manhattan store and growth of the Swirl Whirl brand.
Secil Nebioglu stated that she created her works on Rumi by meditating that the entire universe whirls live dervishes, mystical meaning of coming from Him and turning back to Him, the philosophy of receiving from Allah and giving to people and rationale behind infinite tolerance.
They whirl with their right hands' palms facing up and their left hands' palms turned down.
(1,3) The key feature that indicates a bowel volvulus is the presence of the 'whirl sign', described as a soft-tissue mass with an internal architecture of swirling strands of soft tissue and fat attenuation.
At the town hall yesterday, the Orchestra of Opera North performed its 'Viennese Whirl' concert for the seventh year in succession.
Although the Evening Whirl covered crime and scandal in St.
In which [N.sub.m] represents the worm rotation, [N.sub.s] the rotation of the whirl head and [Z.sub.m] is the number of finishing tools.