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And in the same whisper, as if we two whenever we talked had to say things to each other which were not fit for the world to hear, he added, "It's very wonderful.
From first to last"--and for the first time there seemed to be a faltering, something strained in his whisper.
Before an hour had elapsed since the ship had begun to move, having occasion to ask the mate (he stood by my side) to take a compass bearing of the pagoda, I caught myself reaching up to his ear in whispers.
He was quaking in all his limbs, and his words came in a scarcely audible whisper.
I hear," said the prince in a whisper, his eyes fixed on Rogojin.
Suddenly Rogojin burst into a loud abrupt laugh, as though he had quite forgotten that they must speak in whispers.
Around him everyone began to stir: steps were audible and whispers, among which Anna Mikhaylovna's was the most distinct.
Thus addressing one another in whispers, the three stepdaughters of Lady Winwood stood bewildered in their own drawing-room, helplessly confronting an object which appeared before them on the threshold of the door.
After delivering himself thus in a stern whisper, strained almost to extinction, he drove on, ruminating solemnly.
It's done in a minute,' said Sikes, in the same low whisper.
While these whispers were passing, the sleeper's heart did not throb, nor his breath become agitated, nor his features betray the least token of interest.
She knew what their whispers were about, grew sick at heart, and felt that she could come to church no more.