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She is dressed in lavender-coloured silk, and has a white bonnet on, and is amazing.
Your head is all I could ask, for that white bonnet with the rose is quite ravishing.
A lady in a dripping white bonnet and shawl, with her two little hands out before her, went up to him, and in the next minute she had altogether disappeared under the folds of the old cloak, and was kissing one of his hands with all her might; whilst the other, I suppose, was engaged in holding her to his heart (which her head just about reached) and in preventing her from tumbling down.
The monologue of Offred, as she wears the handmaid's uniform of white bonnet and long red dress, is unnervingly familiar: 'That is how we let it happen .
The vehicle was a black cab and had a white bonnet.
The Gentoos have a longish tail, a white bonnet and are perhaps most readily distinguished by their orange-red bills.
SITTING in the driver's seat, I get a feeling of deja vu -- with the long white bonnet sprawling before me, a steering wheel that feels good to hold and the all too familiar infotainment system.
The "mother" is now transformed in a 21st-century version of the Little Red Riding Hood's grandma -- although with a white bonnet.
And Batman was not alone for his gang of accomplices were all in fancy dress and included two Robins, a Superman and a baby in a white jump suit wearing a white bonnet.
Notice the girl in her white bonnet and dress, indicating that the weather was sunny and warm that June.
A woman in a white bonnet and a voluminous bell-shaped dress, surrounded by three young girls - all dressed in similar bonnets - and a boy of about Paul's age, were eyeing the Daf with great suspicion and wonder.
Williams, a volunteer from Connecticut working in the "small house," was dressed in a long flannel dress that reached to her feet, full collar and white bonnet.