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Literature suggests that white sage (Salvia apiana), calendula (Calendula officinalis), lemon catnip (Nepeta cataria ssp.
As an incense, white sage is burned to purify people and places, and its use sometimes is accompanied by prayer.
As is customary at many American Indian gatherings, the aroma of burning white sage used in smudging or purification rituals wafted across the common.
Wants: goldenseal, American ginseng, pawpaw, white sage, western mugwort, cudweed, St.
of Thousand Oaks recently completed construction of a corporate headquarters for Warehouse Discount Center overlooking Highway23 on White Sage Road in Moorpark.
Cleveland and white sage, creosote bush and brittlebush, pine and redwood, for instance, are filled with resins and release their scents on warm afternoons.
White sage and bay laurel perfumes the up-and-down jaunt that crosses a small stream at several points and even includes a tiny waterfall.
Just under an acre in size, the nursery - called Gaspar's - offers trees, shrubs and flowering plants, including white sage, California poppies, desert willow, two varieties of manzanita, mountain mahogany, three species of California oak, three or four species of wild buckwheat, and incense cedar.
The 600-700 employees at the White Sage Road facility were back on the job Tuesday as investigators looked into the cause of Friday's explosion, which resulted in the evacuation of 150 workers and closure of two buildings.