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White wax is said to symbolize leading people from darkness into the Easter's celebration, while the Greek letters symbolizes humility in Jesus.
The Deakin furniture collection from Barker and Stonehouse, above, is in oak with a white wax finish.
jar candle features white wax, a Spring floral fragrance, and special label showing the silouettes of a boy and girl, holding hands with arms outstretched with a sunset in the background.
The interior of one of the boxes was lined with a layer of translucent white wax.
99, Simply Wax Strip Free White Wax For Sensitive Areas, pounds 13.
5 cm, not narrowed at the base, apex rounded to subacute and minutely apiculate, greenish-glaucous with darker green irregular cross-veins mainly by transmitted light, chartaceous, sparsely and inconspicously white-lepidote and covered on both sides by a thin layer of white wax, apical margins not revolute.
Interviewed about her latest installation--a cluster of 364 robins cast in white wax and coal ash--an artist explained her use of repetition: "You can empower something by making lots of it, and then it takes on a new meaning.