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The motives behind the commission of white-collar crimes primarily are the wish for control in society, fear and anxiety of dwindling from the social status, lack of social consciousness and integrity, weak and ineffective internal controls of organizations and departments, greed and hunger of wealth, monetary and financial gains and ineffective and ineffectual corporate culture in economy (Bucy et al., 2008).
Realisation of the need to organise white-collar workers professionals and managers in developed countries has increased in this decade.
Blanco focuses her practice on similar matters, including white-collar crime, government and internal investigations, FCPA issues, criminal and civil tax issues, anti-bribery counseling and response to subpoenas.
A lawyer, who deals with white-collar crimes, believes that 'balance of probabilities' is relevant in civil cases but in criminal matters, all possibilities are to be excluded that the accused is innocent before he is convicted.
Looking at the book's topics through the lens of blue-collar workers and white-collar researchers, we read how workers feel about their job compared with other types of jobs and are shown the effects that these stereotypes have on the relationships among classes.
In the white-collar crime arena, the problem is the opposite.
range in white-collar cases, judges considered a set of enhancements
But Mr Hulmes believes white-collar boxing should have a governing body.
Michael Benson, professor of criminal justice at UC, said before entering prison, most white-collar criminals are afraid for their safety and terrified about aspects of serving their sentences, but the survey data they mined showed that white-collar criminals have no greater problems adjusting to prison life than other populations.
At McKool Smith, Levy will join the firm's white-collar crime practice.
"Any delay or failure to prosecute white-collar crime damages our justice system and our democracy.
Majority of the scholars now agree that intensity of White-Collar criminality among middle classes is higher than what is being apportioned to elite classes.