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I assert, then, that in the wondrous bodily whiteness of the bird chiefly lurks the secret of the spell; a truth the more evinced in this, that by a solecism of terms there are birds called grey albatrosses; and these I have frequently seen, but never with such emotions as when I beheld the Antarctic fowl.
The new version of India's popular detergent brand has undergone a formulation upgrade, leading to a superior cleaning and extra whiteness.
This part issue presents the first comparative conversation on the politics of whiteness in Africa.
In this article, I argue that transformative work with teacher candidates relies on a critique of the tenets of Critical Pedagogy (1) and subsequent Critical Whiteness Studies (CWS).
Scholars in English, rhetoric, and political science present a rhetorical lens for marshalling the theories and methods of whiteness studies to analyze 21st century texts and contexts.
Abstract: The trope of sight has been the central metaphor in North American whiteness studies since its very inception, that is, already before whiteness studies emerged as a separate field of study.
Race and the Brazilian Body: Blackness, Whiteness, and Everyday Language in Rio de Janeiro.
I apply a critical lens of whiteness studies to the narrative to reveal whiteness in my classroom.
What are the ways political science students in an "American Political Thought" course reflect on my use of critical Whiteness and critical race pedagogy?
Portland Community College (PCC) held Whiteness History Month (WHM) this April in an attempt to examine the concept of "Whiteness" through the lens of critical race theory.
Postkoloniale Perspektiven auf Max Frischs "Stiller" und "Homo faber" draws predominandy on whiteness studies, while postcolonial and gender studies are also a point of reference.