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She say she spec' Mars Tom gwine to ax me to whitewash, an' so she tole me go 'long an' 'tend to my own business -- she 'lowed SHE'D 'tend to de whitewashin'.
Does a boy get a chance to whitewash a fence every day?
There was no lack of material; boys happened along every little while; they came to jeer, but remained to whitewash.
He had had a nice, good, idle time all the while -- plenty of company -- and the fence had three coats of whitewash on it
CHRIS JORDAN was king of the super over as England completed a Twenty20 whitewash of Pakistan in cricket's equivalent of a penalty shoot-out.
WhiteWash Laboratories, which manufactures and distributes teeth whitening and oral care products, has joined forces with Dental Education for Children and Young Adults (DECAY).
You thought you could hide your latest whitewash by releasing the result at a time when the sporting media were focussing on the New Year's Honours.
Middlesbrough-based WhiteWash, which manufactures and distributes premium tooth-whitening products to more than 1,000 dentists across the UK, has teamed up Ashford Orthodontics Ltd, which will make trays for the firm's whitening gel, specially designed to get the most out of the product.
Flower has been in charge since taking over from Peter Moores in 2009 and boasts a fine record, but his position became untenable after the Ashes whitewash this winter.
AN ANGRY and frustrated Alastair Cook has vowed to lead England back from "rock bottom" after they suffered an Ashes whitewash in Sydney.
30 ( ANI ): The British media has bemoaned the loss of its team as it marched towards its second Ashes whitewash in five series.