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Black, dusted whitish on pleurae and buff to whitish on scutum; scutum with 4 pronounced dark brownish vittae, lateral ones relatively broader and detached at the suture by coloration and dust of pleura; hairs on thorax weak, whitish, coarser on pleura and calli; legs predominantly black, sparsely dusted whitish, with tips of femora and adjoining ends of tibiae yellowish, with whitish, weak hairs, relatively longer and coarser on femora; wings clear with brown to dark brown veins, anal lobe well developed, wider than anal cell.
Anthony Robinson, who examined the patient, explained to him, The whitish sticky substance on your tongue and eyes in the morning is the excess sugar buildup in your body exiting.
We report a case with whitish, elevated, vascularized retinal mass and vitreous seeding diagnosed as undifferentiated retinoblastoma.
6 mm), with whitish males almost without gray markings, females with gray marks distally on all femora and on abdominal terga (Figs.
It is a small black beetle with a short snout that does its greatest damage as a whitish grub (the larva stage) living in the soil at the base of its host plant feeding on plant roots.
The whitish granules were found to predominantly contain palmitin acid, a chief ingredient of palm oil, said Sunday the Burgas environmental unit (RIOKOZ).
But CAs are prone to blooming or frosting, a cosmetically unappealing phenomenon that manifests itself as a rainbow or whitish haze surrounding the bond line.
2) When extravasation of calcium gluconate occurs, the venipuncture site can rapidly become tender, warm, and swollen, with erythema and whitish papuloplaques; in severe cases, signs of soft tissue necrosis or infection may also be seen.
Telescopic and fiberoptic laryngoscopic examinations showed reddish, strawberry-like masses with whitish spots on their surface involving the larynx and trachea.
A thick, whitish discharge that doesn't smell too unpleasant ?
You can check for evidence of flood damage by feeling the carpets, checking for water in the spare tyre well, and checking underneath the oil filler cap for a whitish, mayonnaise-like deposit which indicates there is water in the engine.
Parents will be taught that the appearance of a whitish light on the eye, a squint, a sore or swollen eye or a deterioration in vision could be signs of life-threatening retinoblastoma.